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Why Do Cats Scratch (my furniture…)

A common question I get asked is how to deter cats from scratching furniture, especially the expensive ones. You really can’t deter a cat from scratching because it’s completely natural and normal for them. There are ways in which you can encourage this positive behavior onto items especially for them, cat scratchers.

“But Nicole, I already have a bunch of scratchers for them!” I usually reply with “What kind of scratchers do you have?” This is an important question because just like humans, cats are particular about their furniture. There are many different kinds of scratchers: vertical, horizontal, sisal rope, cardboard, wood, carpet, etc. Figuring out which kind your kitty likes is a mystery, so instead of buying all of them at once, buy one at a time and go from there.

I would recommend starting with sisal rope and cardboard because they are affordable and most cats love the sisal rope. In regards to horizontal and vertical, vertical scratchers are better because it allows the cat to stretch their arms, legs and back.

orange cat on scratcher
Our friend Nemo on his tree, leaving some scent!

So back to the question on why cats scratch. Cats scratch for the following reasons:

  • To remove the dead outer layer of their claws;
  • To mark territory;
    • Visually
    • Leaving their scent (their pheromones are located around their paw pads!)
  • To stretch their bodies; and
    • Feels good for their arm and back muscles
  • A good way to relieve stress and emotion.

Without the right scratcher, your kitty cannot stretch, relieve stress or do what’s completely natural for them.

If you have any questions on picking the right scratcher for your kitty, or if they are still scratching our furniture and you have EVERY scratcher on the market, comment below and I will do my best to help you and your kitty!

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Helping Cats in Need

Donating money and resources to local animal rescue groups is a wonderful thing. Whether it’s monetary, supplies, or volunteering your time, helping cats in need is always something I think about.

Several years ago, at the end of the year, I went on a shopping spree at a local Walmart and purchased large bags of cat food, boxes of litter, and toys. I pulled up to the SPCA and had a cart rolled in, filled to the brim full of supplies.

The following year, after Christmas, I was at Petco/Petsmart (I always get the two confused!) I purchased a slew of discounted holiday-themed cat toys. I donated all of them personally to cats at the shelter and the local rescue group I volunteered for at the time.

This past year, I fostered a pair of kittens from a local shelter and paid for their vetting, food and supplies (most shelters give these things to you for free as part of the foster program, I decided to pay out of my pocket).

All of these different scenarios have two things in common:

  • They help kitties in need; and
  • They are tax-deductible.

It’s the end of the year and if you haven’t already donated to your favorite charity or have a few extra dollars to spare, please donate to the cats/kittens in this world that need our help.

Comment below and tell me what good things you have done for the kitties this year!



Nicole @ Just Cats

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5 Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

Ah! Christmas is just around the corner and I am still shopping! I am so thankful for online shopping because it snowed over a foot at our home yesterday and the thought of getting out and shopping in sub zero temperatures did not sound like fun. If you are still struggling to finish your christmas shopping list, here are some great gifts for that cat lover (or cats) in your life!:

1. Kitty Plush Ornament – $5

For Mew Shop – Kitty Plush Ornament

This gift would be great on a cat-themed christmas tree. It’s handmade by Stacey of For Mew Shop on Etsy and $1 of the sales goes to the Humane Society of Nevada to help cats in need.

You can find it here.

2. Pinot Meow Cat Wine – $4.95

Apollo Peak – Pinot Meow

Made by Colorado company, Apollo Peak, this unique gift for cats is a wine that they can actually drink! The ingredients include organic catnip and beets. Cats who enjoy the ocassional wine will like this product. My cat Messi is more of a beer drinker, but I know my female cats would pour a glass!

You can try and buy it here.

3. Dapper Kit : Bow Ties and Tie – $25.50

Furry & Fancy – Dapper Kit

Cat apparel is the new thing in town. Stylish bowties that fit on any cat collar and cute ties that kitties can wear when they go into their 9 to 5, Furry and Fancy makes these accessories from scratch. Their store is full of adorable cat bowties and we think this would be a great gift for that special kitty in your life.

Try on some bowties here.

4. Catzilla iPhone Case – $14.95

Cheese & Olive Cats – Catzilla iPhone Case

We love Cheese & Olive cats. They are Abyssinian siblings who are Instagram celebrities. They have a slew of products in their shop that are not only creative, but hilarious and cute! The iPhone case is an awesome gift for the male cat lover in your life. Run! It’s Catzilla!

Escape town and head to their shop here.

5. Cat Paw Pizza Cutter – $17.00

Karma Kiss – Pizza Cutter

For any chef, this cat paw pizza cutter would be purfect in a cat lover’s kitchen. Very functional and unique, the pizza cutter can be found along with other cute cat-themed kitchen accessories at Karma Kiss’s website.

Let’s buy a pizza and cut here.

You can also check out our store at for more cat-themed gifts. At Just Cats, we wish you a meowy christmas and a happy new year!

Best Wishes,

Nicole & Pablo @ Just Cats, Peloo, Sarny, Ginger, Kiki & Messi

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Why Does My Cat Pee Outside the Box?

Recently, one of my friends who works at a vet clinc told me about a client who was complaining of their cat peeing outside the box. The cat had been doing it for quite sometime and it didn’t seem to be getting any better. The vet ran all of the necessary tests and found that the cat was healthy.No urinary or kidney issues.

The client then asked the vet to put the cat to sleep because he had just had enough of the cat peeing outside the box.

Hearing this infuriated me. First off, what kind of vet would put down a healthy cat? Secondly, can’t the vet and the client see that this was probably a behavior issue such as something new in the cat’s environment, outdoor kitties, didn’t like the litter or litter box, etc. etc?

In today’s post, I talk about the big misconceptions along with potential reasons for why cat’s pee outside the box through a video blog, or what cool people call – vlogs. Enjoy and comment below.


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The Wonders of Human Baby Food

Baby food is such a wonderful, hidden secret in the cat world. I came upon it when I needed to help alleviate the symptoms of irritable bowl disease (also known in the cat world as IBD) for my cat Ginger. She was losing weight fast and could not hold an appetite. I went onto Facebook and asked my IBD support group if they knew of a food that would help her. They recommended Beechnut’s baby food line – meat only, to help my poor kitty.

Made up of chicken meat and water, the two ingredient cure-all helped her GI tract and also gave her back her appetite (with IBD, cats with inflamed small intestines can lose their appetite and contribute their current diet as the cause for the pain – which in turn decreases their want to eat that specific food). This also helped our other cat Peloo, who had GI issues that could not be diagnosed and treated by the local veterinarian. Three days of eating the chicken baby food, her inflammation went down and she was back other normal self. this was another example of the wonders of human baby food.


Baby food can also help with constipation by providing the cat with additional water needed to pass a bowel movement. This miraculous tool has helped our cat family tremendously and we hope this can help you too!

Tips: We highly recommend the Beechnut brand of baby food since the other brands add ingredients that can do more harm than good. The chicken flavored has been the best and we have several cans in our pantry just in case we need it!


What Should I Feed My Cat?

Cat nutrition is insanely crazy, but it’s also very simple at the same time. It’s always good to talk to your veterinarian before switching your kitty to a new food. Just like people, cats react differently to the ingredients found in cat food. There are many different types of proteins, vitamins, grains and starches, veggies and fruit found in cat food. Trying to figure out what is best for your cat can be overwhelming, but here are a few things to keep in mind in finding the right cat food for your felines:

  1. Type of Protein
    • Look for proteins that would be a typical meal if they lived in  the wild. Examples: Duck, venison, and rabbit are good meats. If you can avoid chicken, turkey, and fish, try to. These meats are not typical of a cat’s natural diet and many felines have develop allergies and ailments over time from these proteins.
  2. Additional Ingredients
    • Fillers. To keep costs low, companies put the least amount of animal protein in wet and dry foods. In place of what’s supposed to be 100% meat, these mega companies will pump our cat’s food with corn, potatoes, low-cost veggies, and pretty much anything that is considered a filler. Cat’s obtain their energy from proteins, not starches and carbohydrates.
  3. Fruits & Veggies
    • Just like humans, cats need their daily dose of kale, cranberries, sweet potato and peas… NOT! Cats are obligate carnivores which means that they don’t need fruits and veggies in their diet. In fact, high consumption of fruits and veggies can be harmful to our felines. Their bodies need the nutrients and vitamins from animal protein to make amino acids. These acids are needed to survive!
    • Find a food that has limited amount of fruits and veggies and if possible, buy a product that has absolutely none. There are a handful of cat food companies that are limited ingredient and are much better for your cats.
  4. Wet vs. Dry
    • I like to give my cats a mix of both each day. Dry food in the mornings and wet in the evenings. If I could, they would be eating raw meat at each meal, but that can be costly!
    • Giving your cats wet food versus dry is the better option. Cats draw their daily water content from wet food and do not depend on a water bowl as much as if they were strictly on a dry food diet. If you were to strictly give your cat dry food, they can develop issues such as kidney/urinary diseases and weight issues. Dry food is very concentrated and contains for calories than wet food. Also, there are many fillers and fruits/veggies in dry food. If you were to buy a dry food, go for the dehydrated limited ingredient like Stella and Chewy’s that needs to be hydrated before giving it to your cat.

Always read the ingredient label when choosing the right food for your feline. You may go through may different brands before you find the right one, so buy one can/bag at a time. If your kitty doesn’t enjoy the dry food, you can simply return it or donate it to a local rescue group or shelter.

cats; kittens
Two kittens eating a high protein diet.

It’s also important to do a proper food transition process. Don’t feed your kitty the whole can, but just a small little taste to see if they like it. You can read more about food transition in my upcoming blog post. Stay tuned and happy shopping!

Nicole @ Just Cats


Caturday = Lazy Day


Happy Caturday, where all felines and their humans spend their day lounging around doing absolutely nothing.  I love Saturdays. Why you may ask. Well it’s the one day of the week where I can spend my entire day with my cats. And I love it. I get to see them after they eat breakfast, where they wash their face and get ready for their mid-morning naps. I also get to see them after they wake up from their nap, get ready for round two of breakfast and do a little playing.

Ginger will typically sit on the counter and wait for her second round of breakfast. All of the other cats are sleeping until about 11 or noon. Snacks are distributed amongst the 5 cats and Messi and Kiki end up running laps around the house and then wrestle until Kiki screams for help.

The kitties sleep until about 4pM and then get up for their afternoon snack of left over breakfast. Peloo or Sanry end up at the window sill, watching TV and Ginger sits back at the counter and waits for dinner.

“The kitties sleep until about 4PM and then get up for their afternoon snack or left over breakfast.”

There is some play between 4-6PM and then it’s time for dinner! Wet food it is! Gobble, gobble, back to washing faces and taking another nap until bedtime.

God, I love Caturdays.