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Cat Enrichment: Playtime

Today, I read a post on 10 ways to tell if your cat is happy. Showing belly, twitchy tail, and sleeping on your lap, just to name a few. Cats are very social animals and enjoy spending time with their humans, but they also enjoy active playtime.

Cats by nature prey, hunt and catch their kills. Yes, it may be gruesome to talk about our lovely feline friends killing another animal, but it’s their natural instinct and should not be frowned upon (no discipling!). Since we have domesticated the cat and brought them into our homes, felines have lost their natural way of play, which is killing their prey.

One way to bring the nature back to the cat is 15 minutes of daily, consistent playtime. By setting a schedule to play with you cat, you are providing the activity that is so natural to them, giving them exercise and also keeping them mentally and emotionally healthy.

Cats can be stressed, bored and also be depressed. By encouraging your feline friend to play with a “prey” like toy such as Da Bird cat toy,  you are enriching their lives and their environments. Catnip-filled toys also help prevent them from getting bored, but the best toys are the one where they mimic a real-life bird, butterfly, or small mouse. The movements entice the cat and activates all of their senses. Fifteen minutes of this will make a big difference in your cat’s mental, emotional and physical health.

If you’re cat is a littler older or pickier when it comes to toys, they might enjoy active window watching or some of my favorite youtube channel of up-and-close of gorgeous birds and hilarious squirrels. Paul Dinning Wildlife

What enrichment does your cat enjoy? Comment below!



Itchy Cats

Every time you see a cat scratch, do you think it has fleas? Society has shown through cartoons, movies, the neighbor’s outdoor cat and wive’s tales that cats who scratch must have fleas! 

Well whenever I see one of my cats scratch more than normal, I run the flea comb several times to make sure it’s not fleas. With no evidence, I then start to think if anything in the cat’s environment has changed. Change in food, stresses, new furniture or maybe even out of sheer boredom. 

Sarny, my 11 year old Turkish Angora, has been scratching an awful lot these past few days. I’ve also noticed her overgrooming and spending lots of time up and about and not sleeping. Odd. 

We recently changed her food a few weeks ago to Natural Balance- chicken and turkey kitten recipe pate. Apparently, she really enjoyed eating one of our kittens food so we decided to start feeding her that because it’s the only wet food where she has been cleaning her plate and asking for more. We have gone through so many foods and it seemed like we found the winner!

We checked the ingredients and it appeared to be mostly meat, no fruits, veggies, grains and fillers. She ate it happily for the next few weeks with no symptoms, until recently. The cause of the excessive scratching and grooming was due to food allergies. 

Now there are two things that you can do: the easiest is to replace the food with a known food that doesn’t give her allergies and/or a trip to the vet where they will give her a cortisone shot to relive her symptoms. Since Sarny is a basket case when it comes to vet visits, we immediately replaced the food and she has been improving daily.

The cause of the excessive scratching and grooming was due to food allergies. 

Sarny is happier, we are happy that it’s not fleas and that we can identify what is causing Sarny discomfort. 

Sarny is happy

Cats and Their Sleeping Spots

Cats are pretty funny when it comes to finding a spot to sleep. You could buy the cutest, most expensive cat bed on the market, but cats are drawn to “their spots”. 

So why qualifies to an acceptable sleeping cat spot? It must be warm, comfy, and a good place to keep any eye for any unwelcomed friends or predators. I was cleaning today and placed a blanket on the floor for a few minutes and Ginger found her new spot:

Ginger’s sleeping spot

My sleeping spot is usually occupied by 4 out of 5 of the cats – my giant King size cat bed. 

Kiki sleeping on the giant cat bed

Caturday = Lazy Day


Happy Caturday, where all felines and their humans spend their day lounging around doing absolutely nothing.  I love Saturdays. Why you may ask. Well it’s the one day of the week where I can spend my entire day with my cats. And I love it. I get to see them after they eat breakfast, where they wash their face and get ready for their mid-morning naps. I also get to see them after they wake up from their nap, get ready for round two of breakfast and do a little playing.

Ginger will typically sit on the counter and wait for her second round of breakfast. All of the other cats are sleeping until about 11 or noon. Snacks are distributed amongst the 5 cats and Messi and Kiki end up running laps around the house and then wrestle until Kiki screams for help.

The kitties sleep until about 4pM and then get up for their afternoon snack of left over breakfast. Peloo or Sanry end up at the window sill, watching TV and Ginger sits back at the counter and waits for dinner.

“The kitties sleep until about 4PM and then get up for their afternoon snack or left over breakfast.”

There is some play between 4-6PM and then it’s time for dinner! Wet food it is! Gobble, gobble, back to washing faces and taking another nap until bedtime.

God, I love Caturdays.