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Litter Caking

Big chunks of dried urine at the bottom and in the corners of your litter box. We can all relate to the frustrations of what I like to call, “Litter Caking”. The complications from this and the constant scrapping makes us want to pull our hair out, so we look for solutions.

Typically, the first thing we do is purchase a different type of litter. Recycled paper, fragrance-free clay, extra clumping, or pine/cedar just to name a few. Then we find that it doesn’t work and we continue to see litter caking.

Can I have some privacy please!?

We then start to wonder if it’s the type of litter box that we have. Cats are finicky when it comes to the type of box they decide to do their business in. There are boxes with tops, round – dome like ones, ones that come with motors, etc. In all my years of being a cat parent, the best box to prevent litter caking is the large Rubbermaid storage totes.

If you don’t want to go from your current litter box to a tall, deep – uncool looking Rubbermaid storage container, the best way to prevent litter caking is to ensure you put at least 4-6 inches of litter.

If you go and check your current litter level, I bet you will have between 2-3 inches at most. Low litter level is the biggest culprit of litter caking. Just adding a few inches more to your current level will ensure that the urine stays at the top and doesn’t migrate to the bottom of the box.

Go and try it and comment below if it’s worked for you! I would love to hear about your experience with this simple trick of preventing litter caking.

Nicole @ Just Cats

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Helping Cats in Need

Donating money and resources to local animal rescue groups is a wonderful thing. Whether it’s monetary, supplies, or volunteering your time, helping cats in need is always something I think about.

Several years ago, at the end of the year, I went on a shopping spree at a local Walmart and purchased large bags of cat food, boxes of litter, and toys. I pulled up to the SPCA and had a cart rolled in, filled to the brim full of supplies.

The following year, after Christmas, I was at Petco/Petsmart (I always get the two confused!) I purchased a slew of discounted holiday-themed cat toys. I donated all of them personally to cats at the shelter and the local rescue group I volunteered for at the time.

This past year, I fostered a pair of kittens from a local shelter and paid for their vetting, food and supplies (most shelters give these things to you for free as part of the foster program, I decided to pay out of my pocket).

All of these different scenarios have two things in common:

  • They help kitties in need; and
  • They are tax-deductible.

It’s the end of the year and if you haven’t already donated to your favorite charity or have a few extra dollars to spare, please donate to the cats/kittens in this world that need our help.

Comment below and tell me what good things you have done for the kitties this year!



Nicole @ Just Cats

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The Wonders of Human Baby Food

Baby food is such a wonderful, hidden secret in the cat world. I came upon it when I needed to help alleviate the symptoms of irritable bowl disease (also known in the cat world as IBD) for my cat Ginger. She was losing weight fast and could not hold an appetite. I went onto Facebook and asked my IBD support group if they knew of a food that would help her. They recommended Beechnut’s baby food line – meat only, to help my poor kitty.

Made up of chicken meat and water, the two ingredient cure-all helped her GI tract and also gave her back her appetite (with IBD, cats with inflamed small intestines can lose their appetite and contribute their current diet as the cause for the pain – which in turn decreases their want to eat that specific food). This also helped our other cat Peloo, who had GI issues that could not be diagnosed and treated by the local veterinarian. Three days of eating the chicken baby food, her inflammation went down and she was back other normal self. this was another example of the wonders of human baby food.


Baby food can also help with constipation by providing the cat with additional water needed to pass a bowel movement. This miraculous tool has helped our cat family tremendously and we hope this can help you too!

Tips: We highly recommend the Beechnut brand of baby food since the other brands add ingredients that can do more harm than good. The chicken flavored has been the best and we have several cans in our pantry just in case we need it!

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What a Cat Does in a Day

Several years ago, bored at work, I wondered what my cat Ginger did all day. I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a nanny cam from the local tech store and patiently watch my kitty Ginger get into some mischief.

I bought the $79 camera and set-it up near her favorite sleeping spot. The following day, I opened the camera app on my iPhone and saw a little orange ball, curled up in her oversized dog bed. It was 9AM, two hours after I had left for work. I watched for a few minutes and got bored. An hour later, I checked back in. The little orange ball was missing. Where did she go? Was she okay? Did someone break-in and she just wandered on out of the apartment? I grew nervous. I was checking every 5, 10 minutes for any type of activity.


“An hour later, I checked back in. The little orange ball was missing.”

Work picked up and I checked back in around lunch time, there she was. Back in her usual spot. Only this time, she was grooming herself. Cute. I got bored again. A few hours went by and I signed in again. My Ginger kitty was sleeping.

I came home at around 7PM as Ginger was waiting patiently for me at the door. It was dinner time and she was hungry. After dinner, she groomed and sat with me as I watched TV. My time to unwind. She slept for another hour and as I got ready for bed, she jumped right back into her oversized dog bed. The place where she slept for the majority of the day.  I did this for several weeks as I realized that cats aren’t waiting for their parents at the door all day, as I previously expected. They were pretty much sleeping off and on between the hours of 9AM-7PM. I decided to keep the $79 nanny cam for novelty purposes.

“My Ginger kitty was sleeping.”


Ginger, waiting for mom to go to bed.





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Stop What You’re Doing…and Just Cats

How often do you stop in your busy, daily life to tell your cat that you love them? How often do you sit down with them for a few minutes everyday, pet and tell them how your day went? Or show that you care about them by brushing their fur or playing with them for 15 minutes a day?

If you answered “not very often” or “once a while”, stop what you’re doing right now and give them the love and attention that they deserve.

Sit with them and rub under their neck or scratch their heads( don’t you dare try rubbing their belly – unless you want your arm to be meat tenderized!).

Sit with them and tell them about your crappy day at work or how much fun you had with your friends today. Tell them all of the details because they will give you their full attention and listen to everything you have to say.

Play with them and spend all of their built up energy that they obtained while you were at work. They are a loaded spring and need it to be stretched!

Play with them for at least 15 minutes until they look tired and exhausted. Look at their eyes and give them three slow blinks. You are telling your cat that you love them. If they blink back, they are saying “I Love You Too”.

Give the love and attention that your cat deserves everyday because more than likely, they are giving you all of their love, 24/7.

Pablo @ Just Cats with Messi & Kiki