Which Cat Scratcher Is the Best for My Kitty?

Last week, the City of Denver became one of the first major cities outside of California to ban cat declawing. Huge news for the feline community! When I shared this good news to cat people, I got mixed messages. A majority of them agreed that this procedure is completely barbaric and others felt that it’s normal to declaw your cat. I mean, cats destroy your furniture! With my best convincing skills, I tried to explain that declawing was in fact cruel and painful for the cat. To avoid the perils of cats with claws (I have my own opinions on who should be a cat parent), cat scratchers are the best way to deter your cat from destroying your furniture. Before we get into the scratchers, I will say one thing: spraying your cat with a water bottle does not deter your cat from scratching your furniture. It will only piss them off and resent you.

Cat scratchers will do two things: prevent your kitty from scratching your furniture and will also make your kitty happy.

How so? Cats use their claws to mark territory. They have scent glands in their paws and when they extend their arms and scratch a tree, they are letting others know that this is their tree. Also, the act of scratching is very therapeutic and relaxing for the kitty. Extending their arm muscles and stretching their fingers, is very natural and feels very good to them.  Providing cat scratchers will also deter them from destroying your furniture, so which scratcher is best?

Cats can like two types: horizontal and vertical cat scratchers. When people ask me what scratcher is best, I always say to get both to see which the cat prefers. In my cat household, some of them like the vertical scratching posts and others like the horizontal scratch pads. Once you get to know which scratcher your cat prefers, buy several of them and strategically place them all over the house. Near furniture you want to protect, sleeping and common areas as well.

Ginger cat scratchers on a wooden horizontal cat scratcher

With several scratchers around the house, your cat will be able to do what feels natural for them as well as preserving the furniture. In my household, our cats stay away from the couch and scratch away on their horizontal and vertical scratchers.


Which scratcher does your cat prefer? Do you still find them trying to scratch your furniture? Let me know!




4 thoughts on “Which Cat Scratcher Is the Best for My Kitty?

  1. Thank you, Nicole, for the informative post. I find cat declawing a horrible and needless surgery for a cat. I do also think several peeps do this without knowing how it will affect a cat. Then, of course, there are peeps that just don’t care. I have never had cats that use the furniture to scratch their claws. Of course, it looks like a cat’s living room and we’re just visiting. hehe


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    1. You are welcome! Thank you for reading! I think most people can agree that it’s unnecessary. I cannot believe many veterinarians still conduct this cruel practice! I think it’s important for us to advocate for the cat and inform even unsuspecting cat parents that this is not right. And completely agree with you on the visiting part – my partner and I always joke and say that we live in their home! Thank you for being such a wonderful cat parent!


  2. Percy leaves the furniture alone but likes the corner where two walls meet. So we apply paint periodically lol.


    1. LOL! We have a corner too 🙂 … speaking off, I should probably plan on painting it this weekend!!

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