Itchy Cats

Every time you see a cat scratch, do you think it has fleas? Society has shown through cartoons, movies, the neighbor’s outdoor cat and wive’s tales that cats who scratch must have fleas! 

Well whenever I see one of my cats scratch more than normal, I run the flea comb several times to make sure it’s not fleas. With no evidence, I then start to think if anything in the cat’s environment has changed. Change in food, stresses, new furniture or maybe even out of sheer boredom. 

Sarny, my 11 year old Turkish Angora, has been scratching an awful lot these past few days. I’ve also noticed her overgrooming and spending lots of time up and about and not sleeping. Odd. 

We recently changed her food a few weeks ago to Natural Balance- chicken and turkey kitten recipe pate. Apparently, she really enjoyed eating one of our kittens food so we decided to start feeding her that because it’s the only wet food where she has been cleaning her plate and asking for more. We have gone through so many foods and it seemed like we found the winner!

We checked the ingredients and it appeared to be mostly meat, no fruits, veggies, grains and fillers. She ate it happily for the next few weeks with no symptoms, until recently. The cause of the excessive scratching and grooming was due to food allergies. 

Now there are two things that you can do: the easiest is to replace the food with a known food that doesn’t give her allergies and/or a trip to the vet where they will give her a cortisone shot to relive her symptoms. Since Sarny is a basket case when it comes to vet visits, we immediately replaced the food and she has been improving daily.

The cause of the excessive scratching and grooming was due to food allergies. 

Sarny is happier, we are happy that it’s not fleas and that we can identify what is causing Sarny discomfort. 

Sarny is happy

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