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5 Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

Ah! Christmas is just around the corner and I am still shopping! I am so thankful for online shopping because it snowed over a foot at our home yesterday and the thought of getting out and shopping in sub zero temperatures did not sound like fun. If you are still struggling to finish your christmas shopping list, here are some great gifts for that cat lover (or cats) in your life!:

1. Kitty Plush Ornament – $5

For Mew Shop – Kitty Plush Ornament

This gift would be great on a cat-themed christmas tree. It’s handmade by Stacey of For Mew Shop on Etsy and $1 of the sales goes to the Humane Society of Nevada to help cats in need.

You can find it here.

2. Pinot Meow Cat Wine – $4.95

Apollo Peak – Pinot Meow

Made by Colorado company, Apollo Peak, this unique gift for cats is a wine that they can actually drink! The ingredients include organic catnip and beets. Cats who enjoy the ocassional wine will like this product. My cat Messi is more of a beer drinker, but I know my female cats would pour a glass!

You can try and buy it here.

3. Dapper Kit : Bow Ties and Tie – $25.50

Furry & Fancy – Dapper Kit

Cat apparel is the new thing in town. Stylish bowties that fit on any cat collar and cute ties that kitties can wear when they go into their 9 to 5, Furry and Fancy makes these accessories from scratch. Their store is full of adorable cat bowties and we think this would be a great gift for that special kitty in your life.

Try on some bowties here.

4. Catzilla iPhone Case – $14.95

Cheese & Olive Cats – Catzilla iPhone Case

We love Cheese & Olive cats. They are Abyssinian siblings who are Instagram celebrities. They have a slew of products in their shop that are not only creative, but hilarious and cute! The iPhone case is an awesome gift for the male cat lover in your life. Run! It’s Catzilla!

Escape town and head to their shop here.

5. Cat Paw Pizza Cutter – $17.00

Karma Kiss – Pizza Cutter

For any chef, this cat paw pizza cutter would be purfect in a cat lover’s kitchen. Very functional and unique, the pizza cutter can be found along with other cute cat-themed kitchen accessories at Karma Kiss’s website.

Let’s buy a pizza and cut here.

You can also check out our store at for more cat-themed gifts. At Just Cats, we wish you a meowy christmas and a happy new year!

Best Wishes,

Nicole & Pablo @ Just Cats, Peloo, Sarny, Ginger, Kiki & Messi

Just Cats Store

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