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The Wonders of Human Baby Food

Baby food is such a wonderful, hidden secret in the cat world. I came upon it when I needed to help alleviate the symptoms of irritable bowl disease (also known in the cat world as IBD) for my cat Ginger. She was losing weight fast and could not hold an appetite. I went onto Facebook and asked my IBD support group if they knew of a food that would help her. They recommended Beechnut’s baby food line – meat only, to help my poor kitty.

Made up of chicken meat and water, the two ingredient cure-all helped her GI tract and also gave her back her appetite (with IBD, cats with inflamed small intestines can lose their appetite and contribute their current diet as the cause for the pain – which in turn decreases their want to eat that specific food). This also helped our other cat Peloo, who had GI issues that could not be diagnosed and treated by the local veterinarian. Three days of eating the chicken baby food, her inflammation went down and she was back other normal self. this was another example of the wonders of human baby food.


Baby food can also help with constipation by providing the cat with additional water needed to pass a bowel movement. This miraculous tool has helped our cat family tremendously and we hope this can help you too!

Tips: We highly recommend the Beechnut brand of baby food since the other brands add ingredients that can do more harm than good. The chicken flavored has been the best and we have several cans in our pantry just in case we need it!

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