Human & Cat

What a Cat Does in a Day

Several years ago, bored at work, I wondered what my cat Ginger did all day. I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a nanny cam from the local tech store and patiently watch my kitty Ginger get into some mischief.

I bought the $79 camera and set-it up near her favorite sleeping spot. The following day, I opened the camera app on my iPhone and saw a little orange ball, curled up in her oversized dog bed. It was 9AM, two hours after I had left for work. I watched for a few minutes and got bored. An hour later, I checked back in. The little orange ball was missing. Where did she go? Was she okay? Did someone break-in and she just wandered on out of the apartment? I grew nervous. I was checking every 5, 10 minutes for any type of activity.


“An hour later, I checked back in. The little orange ball was missing.”

Work picked up and I checked back in around lunch time, there she was. Back in her usual spot. Only this time, she was grooming herself. Cute. I got bored again. A few hours went by and I signed in again. My Ginger kitty was sleeping.

I came home at around 7PM as Ginger was waiting patiently for me at the door. It was dinner time and she was hungry. After dinner, she groomed and sat with me as I watched TV. My time to unwind. She slept for another hour and as I got ready for bed, she jumped right back into her oversized dog bed. The place where she slept for the majority of the day.  I did this for several weeks as I realized that cats aren’t waiting for their parents at the door all day, as I previously expected. They were pretty much sleeping off and on between the hours of 9AM-7PM. I decided to keep the $79 nanny cam for novelty purposes.

“My Ginger kitty was sleeping.”


Ginger, waiting for mom to go to bed.






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