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Stop What You’re Doing…and Just Cats

How often do you stop in your busy, daily life to tell your cat that you love them? How often do you sit down with them for a few minutes everyday, pet and tell them how your day went? Or show that you care about them by brushing their fur or playing with them for 15 minutes a day?

If you answered “not very often” or “once a while”, stop what you’re doing right now and give them the love and attention that they deserve.

Sit with them and rub under their neck or scratch their heads( don’t you dare try rubbing their belly – unless you want your arm to be meat tenderized!).

Sit with them and tell them about your crappy day at work or how much fun you had with your friends today. Tell them all of the details because they will give you their full attention and listen to everything you have to say.

Play with them and spend all of their built up energy that they obtained while you were at work. They are a loaded spring and need it to be stretched!

Play with them for at least 15 minutes until they look tired and exhausted. Look at their eyes and give them three slow blinks. You are telling your cat that you love them. If they blink back, they are saying “I Love You Too”.

Give the love and attention that your cat deserves everyday because more than likely, they are giving you all of their love, 24/7.

Pablo @ Just Cats with Messi & Kiki

3 thoughts on “Stop What You’re Doing…and Just Cats

    1. Thank you for being such a good cat parent! Sometimes we are so distracted with all the stresses of the world and we forget about our lovely felines. As a cat enthusiast, I always try to spend a little time everyday with my 5 cats and tell them how grateful I am to have them in my life. Many people think that cats don’t require a lot of attention like dogs, but they do. Cats are social animals and they love our company! By the way, I love your gravtar picture. I also have a Ginger kitty. Thank you for following!

      Nicole @ Just Cats

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