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Top 5 Ways Our Cats Have Tried to Kill Us

How many people have almost been killed by their cat? Whether it was intentional or unintentional, we can all remember a time where our lovely feline friends tried to kill us. Cats are cute, adorable, but natural born killers. Here are the top 5 ways cats have tried to kill us:

1. Suffocation by Body

cat on face
Cat on face


2. The “Almost Tripped You Down the Stairs” Move

Ginger cats on staircase
Dang girl, how many cats you have?

3. The Wolverine Is My Daddy Attack

cat catching butterfly with paw
That better not be a bee!

4. Let Me Push This Glass of Water onto the Floor

Persian cat tipping over a glass of water
Cats are assholes.

5. Cuteness

cute kitten
OMG too cute!


Did I miss any? If so, comment below!

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Tokyo & Cat Cafes

Tokyo, Japan is one of the largest cities in the world. With over 13.5 million of people, there are a handful of people that are crazy for cats, or in Japanese, nekos. My first day in Japan included a visit to my first cat cafe outside of the U.S.

I visited the Calico Cat Cafe in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo.  The cat cafe is situated on the 5th and 6th floors of a tall building in the center of Shinjuku. Upon entry, I had to pay my admission fee, place my shoes in a locker and use guest slippers, put my bags in another locker and wash my hands. As soon as I completed all the pre-entry requirements, I walked into a semi-bare room with a tv, some cat shelves and beds. At first, I was disappointed because I only saw a few cats, but to my dismay, there was a second floor! When I walked down to the 5th floor, not only did I see more people, but I also saw a ton of cats!

I found a spot in the middle of the room and waited for the cats to start greeting me. No cats. The kitties in Japanese cat cafes are much different than the ones in the US. I started thinking, “Maybe they don’t like me..” and then I saw one of the employees hand over a small container of food to a patron and a pack of kitties ran over to that lucky guest in seconds. Ah! These Japanese kitties were food motivated (aren’t they all though?) There were all sorts of cats. From Persian to tabby, there was even a few Abyssinian  and two small munchkin cats. One of the Abyssinian  who wore a red bandana around her neck was always in the patron’s lap when food was being given out. The red bandana signified that she had kidney disease and could not partake in any tasty treats. What a lush! She then moved over to another patron who was casually reading a book and started to bathe herself. Hilarious.

Tokyo cat cafe - Abyssinian cat
Tokyo cat cafe – Abyssinian cat

There were around 30+ cats at the cat cafe. Patrons had the option to buy food, deserts, drinks such as coffee, tea or beer and other snacks. I didn’t order anything because I ran out of cash (cash is king here in Japan), but my plan was to visit some cat cafes sometime during the remainder of my trip.

If you plan on visiting any cat cafes in Japan, here are some tips from my experience:

  1. Bring Cash
    1. Cash is king here in Japan. Some places will probably accept credit card, but bring at least $50 to buy snacks, drinks and treats for the kitties. Entry fees vary on what time of day you arrive as well as if it’s during the week or weekend.
  2. Bring Your Own Cat Toys and Treats
    1. Best to ask before bringing, but I would recommend bringing your own fun toys and treats. The cats at the cafe see a ton of people and are sick and tired of their own toys, so new treats and toys will definitely make you the talk of the town.
  3. Peak Hours
    1. Go during non-peak hours so that you can spend more time with the kitties. There were lots of people at this cafe when I went mid-day on a Sunday and the cats had a lot of people to choose from. Try to schedule your visits during the weekday around mid-morning to mid-afternoon.
  4. Take Lots of Pictures
    1. The cats do the funniest and cutest things when you aren’t near your phone or camera. Bring your camera and/or phone and plan on snapping a few pictures of them when they are their silliest.

If you plan to travel to Japan and/or Tokyo, make the time to spend a few hours at a cat cafe. It is well worth your time and money! Also, where else are you going to see munchkin cats?!


Just Cats: In Japan

Stopped currently in Calgary, I am on my way to Japan! I have always wanted to go because of the unique culture, but because of the love of cats, nekos and of course, Hello Kitty. Japan has a handful of cat cafes, which originally started here due to the restrictions of having cats in Tokyo homes and it’s also home to several cat islands. Over the next 10 days, I will be documenting my journey through the beautiful country of Japan!

Cats and Neko Japan
Cat Lounge

Have you ever been to Japan? If so, I’d love to hear from you! Comment below and tell me any tips or tricks for my visit.

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5 Shades of Catnip Crazy

I had the inspiration for this blog post from a current read by Tracey Stewart (the wife of TV personality, Jon Stewart), “Do Unto Animals”. There is a section in there that features some writings on the feline.

In one of the many cat-related chapters she has, she talks about signs you know your cat goes bonkers for catnip.

The science behind catnip is very straight forward. Enter Latin Name, a cousin of the mint plant, contains a chemical that when the plant (primarily the leaves and flower buds) are agitated, it releases a scent that can cause a variety of reactions for your cat.

Does your cat go crazy for catnip or does it turn into a real meanie? Here is a list of 5 shades of catnip crazy:

catnip cat
Catnip cat crazy

Crazy #1: The Roll Around, Happy-go-lucky Kitty

If your cat immediately throws themselves to the floor and starts rolling around back and forth, your cat is definitely crazy for catnip. The oil from the plant helps produce pheromones that reports back to the brain and puts them into a happy mood. The excitement, all around good feeling is expressed through their body language.

Crazy #2: The Very Vocal Kitty

If your cat is typically quiet, but then turns into a chatty Kathy when you whip out that catnip, this is a good sign that your kitty is really into catnip. Cats vocalize by meowing when they want to communicate with their humans so if kitty meows, they are probably telling you how much they love and want it.

Crazy #3: The Cross-Eyed, Drooling Kitty

Cats go cuckoo for catnip toys. Some of them will react to it by drooling all over the toy and/or with one crossed eye. I had a kitty that would literally drool all over the catnip toy until it was soaking wet and the color green. He would just go nuts for the catnip. Some cats will not be able to see straight while enjoying this tasty treat.

Crazy #4: The Dazed and Confused Kitty

The majority of cats fall under this category of catnip reactions. The quintessential “I am soooo high right now and nothing else matters in this world, but this moment” reaction. I love seeing this because the cat is mellow, they are happy and I’m happy that I provided them with this awesome treat. Many say that catnip to cats is like marijuana to humans. In this situation, some kitties exactly the same way the typical human acts with marijuana. Chilled out mannnn….

Crazy #5: The “I Will Bite Off Your Face” Kitty

Last, but not least, the last of the 5 shades/phases that your cat goes bonkers for catnip is the “I Will Bite Off Your Face” Kitty. Most cats exhibit the first 4 shades of crazy for catnip phase, but there are a few kitties out there that will want to tear that bag of catnip straight out of your hands. The aggressive for catnip kitty acts all sorts of crazy when they see or smell catnip. They will try every way possible to get that catnip on to their little faces and will proceed to roll around, meow, howl, and bite and scratch for whomever gets in their way!

Which group does your cat fall into? Is your kitty…..

Crazy #1: The Roll Around, Happy-go-lucky Kitty

Crazy #2: The Very Vocal Kitty

Crazy #3: The Cross-Eyed, Drooling Kitty

Crazy #4: The Dazed and Confused Kitty

Crazy #5: The “I Will Bite Off Your Face” Kitty

Comment below!

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Good Morning Cats

In the past few days, my only male cat Messi has gone to my bed first thing in the morning to greet me with kisses as well as with his favorite toy. He expects me to play with him between 4-5AM as well as smother him with kisses. I’m not sure why he is now getting in the habit of doing this, but I can’t complain. There is nothing wrong with early morning kisses, purring and kneading  from my favorite manx kitty.

Anyone else get early surprises from their cat?

Cute tabby manx kitten

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The Truth About Cat Food

I just watched the recent documentary on Netflix, “What the Health” where it exposes how bad processed meat is and how it contributes to diseases such as diabetes, all various cancers and more and I started thinking about where cat food comes from. We all know that cats are carnivorous and require all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients that come from animal-based protein. In our household, we feed our cats the highest tier of cat foods on the market, but we know that they are most likely the extras and all the bad bits from the slaughterhouses and processing plants. So what are the good brands? What foods on the market come from good, quality meat? Comment below on your thoughts and recommendations on what you think is the best cat food out there.

cats, cat food, pet food nutrition

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Cats Are the Best Alarm Clocks

Anyone who has a cat can agree that there is no such thing as sleeping in. Forget about weekends and holidays, cats will wake you up when they want you up. Whether they want to play at 2AM or breakfast at 6, cats are natural alarm clocks. There are literally times where I forget to set my alarm, but I know that in my peaceful sleep, someone will wake me up at the right time.

I am definitely not a fan of waking up early or the loud sound of an alarm clock, but if I had the choice of waking up and hitting snooze, I would rather wake up to a cat sitting on top of my chest, crying into my face. Cats are literally the best and cutest alarm clocks.